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World Cancer Day is an upcoming 2020 event. World Cancer Day is known as annual observance day held on 4th February to raise Cancer awareness and to encourage its detection, prevention and treatment. World Cancer Day is led by the (UICC) Union for International Cancer Control to support the Cancer community. UICC is committed to lower the universal Cancer burden as well as to support the targets of (WCD) World Cancer Declaration. The initial purpose of World Cancer Day is to outstandingly reduce the disease and death which is caused by Cancer. Because this is a chance to rally the world community to stop the injustice of preventable suffering from this illness. The Cancer day is observed by the (UN) United Nations. Many of other initiatives are also run on World Cancer Day in support of Cancer-Sufferers.


World Cancer Day originated in Paris on 4th February 2000 at the First World Summit against Cancer. Where the Charter of Paris Against Cancer was signed by the Leaders of Government Agencies and Cancer Organizations from all over the world. This was not simply a Charter but a cooperative universal commitment to improving the quality of life of those suffering Cancer. This Charter of Paris Against Cancer was created for the advancement of cancer research as well as to improve the services for Cancer patients. World Cancer Day (WCD) is the only day on the universal health calendar where all people unite and rally under the one banner and take personal action in a positive way and press Government Authorities to do more.

World Cancer Day Theme 2020

World Cancer Day Theme

WCD 4 February 2020 theme

The campaign theme 2019-2021 is “I am and I will”. The purpose of this 3 Year Campaign is to counter the fatalistic belief and the hopeless attitude that nothing can be done about this deadly disease. And theme raises the voice that how our personal actions can be a powerful and impactful tool against Cancer. In 2016, 3 Year Campaign was organized by the World Cancer Day and the theme was “We can, I can”. Prior to 2016, Yearly Campaigns were started by the WCD. The Campaign themes are listed below.


One Year Campaign Themes

Theme Tagline In 2011 “Cancer can be prevented”

Theme Tagline In 2012 “Together let’s do something”

Theme Tagline in 2013 “Cancer Myths-Get the Facts”

Theme Tagline in 2014 “Debunk the Myths”

Theme Tagline in 2015 “Not Beyond Us”

World Cancer Day Symbols

There are multiple symbols that are used to encourage the fight against different sort of Cancers. Some of the World Cancer Day Symbols are pink and orange ribbon and others are daffodils. Let briefly define the symbols.


Pink Ribbon 

World Cancer Day Pink Ribbon Symbol

Breast Cancer Awareness Symbol

The Pink Ribbon is a Universal symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness.




Orange Ribbon

World Cancer Day Symbol Orange Ribbon

Child Cancer Awareness Symbol

The Orange Ribbon is a symbol of Child Cancer Awareness.





World Cancer Day Symbol Of Hope

Symbol Of Hope For Cancer Patients

According to the American Cancer Society, Daffodil is a symbol of hope that people share for a future where this disease is no longer life-threatening.

How World Cancer Day Is Celebrated?

World Cancer Day is annually celebrated by the Government and non-governmental organizations. They organize various lectures, seminars and camps all over the world for the awareness, prevention and treatment of this deadly disease “Cancer”. One of the basic aims of World Cancer Day Celebration is to reduce the Cancer-related myths like, Cancer is untouchable. So, they try to reduce the misconceptions about Cancer and this type of social myths. So, World Cancer Day helps people to get the right information about Cancer.

“I Am And I Will”  Theme: 2019-2021

UICC says, the 2020 theme “I Am and I Will” is an empowering call-to-action which urges us for personal commitment and also it represents the power of Individual action taken now. This is the special message for everyone from UICC “we need your commitment to creating a world which is Cancer-Free. So, hurry up and take action to promote the World Cancer Day by raising the voice “who are you and what will you do? You need to take a simple step at World Cancer Day, just follow our mission and help us to prepare a Cancer-Free world by giving people hope and right awareness about Cancer.  


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