World Cancer Awareness Day is an international day globally celebrated every Year on 4th February. WCD is the one singular initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to unite people of the world in the fight against the epidemic Cancer globally. The aim of World Cancer Awareness Day (WCD) is to save the preventable deaths yearly by raising the awareness about cancer. Because in 2018 an estimated 9.5 million cancer patients were expected to die worldwide-about 26000 deaths per day. That’s really unacceptable that Deaths from epidemic cancer are projected to reach over 13 million by 2030 worldwide according to the current rate. We must take action to reduce the burden of cancer by raising awareness and education among people.

World Cancer Awareness Day Celebration

World Cancer Awareness Day (WCD) is celebrated by communities around the world. They arrange different ways to promote the WCD on 4th February by holding festivals, seminars, campaigns, walks and many other events to teach people how to fight against cancer. From this worldwide WCD event, people learn to fight cancer through early detection, through changing their diet plan and physical activities, by skipping smoking, and by urging governmental authorities to give cancer issues a priority.  

When World Cancer Day Is Observed?

This Year, in 2020 World Cancer Day is observed worldwide. Here is the date and time of this event:

Theme 2020: I Am And I Will

Event Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Event Time: 12:AM – 11:59PM

Observed By: UN Members

Also Called: WCD

Organized By: UICC

Celebrated By: Worldwide

What Is The Theme Of World Cancer Day 2020?

The 2019-2021 campaign theme is “I Am And I Will”. The basic purpose of the 2020 theme “I am and I will” is to counter the negative attitude that nothing can be done against the epidemic cancer and to promote that how our personal actions can be helpful to prevent deaths caused by cancer. Each year, over  900 activities are taking place in more than 100 different countries and at least 60 governments officially observe the National Cancer Day every year.


5 Inspirational Quotes For Cancer Patients

Message Of Hope For Cancer Patients by A Spiritual Experts

World Cancer Day is the event to raise awareness about cancer. There are lot of activities takes place every year on this occasion. So, we should also take action for cancer fighters. The most precious thing which we can give to any cancer patient is hope. So, here are 5 inspirational quotes for cancer patients by our most respectable Spiritual Expert Syed Karar Haider.

1. Dear, don’t be hopeless! Possible and impossible belongs to humans only but for God nothing is impossible. You can still change the decision of God through Pray. But, remember Pray with believe is a only key to open the door of healing.

Syed Karar Haider

2.  Be brave! don’t count how many days are left behind. You are strongest than this disease. There is only need to turn to God with firm believe. And He will surely heal you.

Syed Karar Haider

3. There is no weapon in the world which is more powerful than Pray. But many of us choose hopelessness instead of Pray.

Syed Karar Haider

4.  A small ray of hope is enough to fight with cancer. Because, hope boosts the will power and makes you stand again.

Syed Karar Haider

5. God may bestow you a incredible will power to fight with cancer, Ameen.

Syed Karar Haider

World Cancer Day Faqs

World Cancer Day (WCD) commonly known as World Cancer Awareness day or international day takes place every year on 4th February. The World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable cancer deaths by raising awareness, detection, prevention and treatment of cancer. The WCD unites the people across the world to fight against cancer, under the one banner by pressing governments and individuals to take action.  

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4th February. This year, world cancer awareness day will take place worldwide on Tuesday, 4 February 2020.

World Cancer Day was established in 2000, 4th February for the New Millennium at the World Summit Against Cancer in Paris. Where the Charter of Paris Against Cancer was signed by the Leaders of Government Agencies and worldwide Cancer Organizations. This was not simply a Charter but a cooperative global commitment to improving the quality of the life of cancer patients.

The Charter of Paris aims to mobilise the global community to take action for the progress against cancer. The Charter-aims to promote cancer research and to improve the services for cancer patients and to raise awareness for cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

World Cancer Day is coordinated by the oldest and largest international cancer organization UICC (Union for international cancer control) who is a registered charity in Geneva, Switzerland.   

The official colours of WCD are Orange and Blue.

The 2019-2021 World Cancer Day (WCD) theme is “I AM AND I WILL” which represents the power of individual action taken now against cancer.