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Talisman No 99: Hadrat Talaq says; One day a person came to Hadrat Abu Aldarda (R.A) – the follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),and informed that your house is burning. He replied; my house cannot be burn, another person came and said your house is burning, he said; my house cannot be burn. After a while, one more person came and said O Abu Aldarda (R.A.)! the flames of fire raised high but as the fire reached near your house then it instantly removed. He answered, Thanks to God who is the protector of us and answers our prayers but the secret behind this safety is; Holy Prophet (PBUH) suggested for me some Holy words for the protection of my house. When I submitted my Pray to God by the reference of these holy words then I feel that an unseen spiritual power is protecting me and my house.

Now, because I have personally observed that my prayer is accepted then how can my house be burnt? It was my believe that my house will always be under the Divine Refuge by the recitation of these holy words, even my family will be safe from all sort of disasters, earthquake, sudden incidents, theftness, robbery, Evil Spirits, Jinn, Evil Eye, black magic and the satanic tricks of Jealous people and hidden enemies. After knowing it, the Spiritualists of accessed these holy words through their meditations and then they observed the most powerful Spiritual effects of these holy words. Then they used the strong spirituality of these holy words in some talismans for the benefit of mankind. Now, Spiritual Experts of Pray for all prepared this talisman by the spirituality of these holy words for the safety of house as well as family.

This talisman is not only a strongest protection against the unexpected incidents and tragedies but the blessings of Lord also descend in the house of the owner of this Talisman. When these blessings enter in a home then the hurdles like financial issues, domestic problem, business failures, marriage obstacles, health disorder, family disputes and other issues resolve quickly. If you need this talisman for the spiritual protection of your home and family then the most essential step is to attribute this talisman to your name then you can get it from us. The name of the owner of this Talisman will also be announced in our Pray Program from 3 to 7 Friday.

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