Easy Solution For Debt

Easy Solution For Debt topic is for those individuals who fall into ‘debt’ 


Easy Solution For Debt topic is for those individuals who fall into ‘debt’ due to constriction of sustenance. The point to ponder is that if a person’s livelihood (system of life) is going on in the best possible way. And he/she does not feel the need to spread his/her hands in front of anyone. Then how is lack of blessing created in his/her sustenance all of a sudden, that it makes the person fall in debt. Let we mention here.

 How People fall into Debt?

According to our observation if the being of Allah has blessed a person ‘with’ plentiful sustenance, the best life partner and offspring, tranquility in the home and other blessings like these.  Then there are some individuals among his/her relatives, friends and near and dear ones who watch him/her with jealousy in their eyes. This jealousy destroys a person’s successful life ‘because’ knowingly or unknowingly the rays of jealousy or evil eye that the jealous person emits from his/her mind. These rays, keep revolving ‘around’ that person and converts every success coming his/her way into failure. These satanic rays enter into the person’s mind and weaken his/her capability of making the correct decision due to which he/she becomes a victim of lack of sustenance through his/her own hands and falls into debt.

As long as these rays revolve around the person, he/she is compelled to face the constriction of sustenance despite making a lot of efforts. These rays bring him/her to the point where he/she has to take a loan to make ends meet. But due to lack of blessing in sustenance, the debt is not paid back and the person is pressed under the burden of debt so he/she has to face humiliation in society and sometimes, things lead to the point of starvation.

To get rid of these conditions, the person takes the support of supplication but even then he/she is not able to pay off the debt quickly due to lack of believe.

Pray For More Wealth


A Companion (may Allah be pleased with him) appeared in the holy presence of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and stated that the world has turned its back on me (there is no blessing in my sustenance, my fist is tight).

The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said,

“Do you not remember that Holy Words which are recited by the angels. And due to the boon of which sustenance is given. The people of the world will come to you, humiliated and wretched”.

7 days had passed when that Companion (may Allah be pleased with him) appeared in the holy presence again. And stated that O leader, sustenance is coming to me in such abundance that I am amazed, from where should I pick it up and where should I keep it.

Talisman To Pay Debt

Spiritual Leaders of pray.net.pkhave recited those Holy Words of angels about which the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) had told about in numbers of billions and trillions. After ‘which’ they saw signs of incredible success in its boon. They arranged these Holy Words in the form of a sacred talisman (Easy Solution for Debt). As soon as this talisman (Easy Solution For Debt) is attributed to the applicant’s name, the impure rays of jealousy present around him/her, which are responsible for the constriction of his/her sustenance are eliminated within 24 hours. Due to which the applicant comes under spiritual protection and the means of sustenance open for him/her in such a way that the person does not feel the need to spread out his/her hands in front of anyone. And the payment of previous debt is also possible within a few days.

Remember: those individuals cannot get benefit from these talismans (Easy Solution for Debt) who engage in sin after receiving this Talisman (Easy Solution For Debt).

How to get Talisman?

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