Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

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Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Pray For All is presenting here the easy solution to make parents agree for love marriage. First of all, we would like to mention here some facts related to love marriage issues or hurdles. In this modern era, Internet and Tv are two main sources its depend upon us whether we use it positive or negative. Internet and Tv has also spread lewdness in the world because most of unmarried boys and girls make friendship through internet and do not feel hesitation to commit adultery to each other. In this condition, some of the Familial boys and girls do not cross their limits and find the easy solution to make parents agree for love marriage.

They face many obstacles in the way of love marriage like sometimes parents arise problems or sometimes other issues become hurdle in the way of love marriage. In these Conditions, Devil send an invitation of Sins to that boy and girl through whisper and mostly unmarried boys and girls accept the satanic offer of devil and commit lewdness to each other and not only they face lose themselves but also they earn the anger of God. If you need a lawful way to remove the problems in love marriage then you can recite the Following Dua to convince parents for love marriage suggested by the Spiritual Experts of our Pray For All. By the blessing of this most effective Dua your parents will be easily convinced for love marriage within 21 days only.

Dua for Success in Love marriage

Recite Ism e Azam “Subhanallah Ya Wadoodu” 218 times daily along with 11 times Durood Pak and blow upon yourself. By the blessing of this Powerful Ism e Azam hurdles in the way of love marriage will begin to remove within 21 days only.

Talisman For Love Marriage

If you are still facing problems in love marriage after performing this 21 days spiritual process then you should must confirm that girl or boy might be affected by evil impacts of Black magic, Evil eye or Spells of magic. If its prove that they are indulge into Evil eye, Spells of magic or other satanic impacts then we have a solution. Spiritual Experts of Pray For All prepared a great Talisman for Success in Love Marriage by the blessing of this Talisman Love Marriage will must be 100% successful because Spiritualists of Pray For All says; each planet has multiple features like Venus we can also call Venus as Planet of Love. Venus descends rays of love on earth in specific time, these love rays has the extra-ordinary spiritual power to convert hatred into love.

Spiritual Experts of Pray For All overcome these rays of love through their meditations and insert these rays of love into Talismans which make the love marriage possible. Our Spiritualists prepare the Talismans in perfect time by using the spiritual formulas that’s why love marriage is definitely possible. The owner of this great Talisman remains under the Protection of God against all kinds of black magic, evil eye or spells of magic as well as none can apply black magic, evil eye or other satanic impacts in future by the blessing of this Talisman. If you need this Powerful Talisman to convince your parents for love marriage then contact to our Pray members direct through Phone Call or Fill the given below Order Form and submit us.

Note: You can also get this Talisman Free through Oath, read the given below details to get the Talisman and then Submit us Order Form.

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There are 2 conditions to get this talisman.

(1). Free through oath (2). Payment


Oath: o God! I have prepared myself that i will adopt 2 new good deeds which will be beneficial for mankind and will remove 2 bad deeds from my life forever. I will also guide minimum 5 people to praise god and i am bound to fulfill this oath in one month. In case, if i could not fulfill this oath then i will pay its amount.

Note: You can get only one talisman through one oath. If you need more than one then you have to submit new oath for each. This talisman will never show its spiritual effects without oath.


If it’s impossible for you to perform this oath due to any personal reason then the second condition is to pay its amount which is fixed 1400. This talisman will show its perfect spiritual effects whether you get it free through oath or payment.


If you want to get this talisman free through oath then click on the free button below, if you want to pay 1400 then click price button, fill order form and submit us. After receiving your order form, we will contact you through Phone/Email and after attributing this talisman to your name, it will be posted to your required address within 24 to 48 hours in any city of Pakistan. After receiving this talisman, encarved it on silver plate or frame it and hang in your house. You can make a plastic coating and keep in your purse.


You have to pay its fixed amount through western union and then submit us your order form. This talisman will be sent to you through email, after receiving your talisman, download it and take a print.

For Male: +92323-4028555

Female: +92323-7718185-7

Skype: pray.all