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We are going to inform you the importance or significance of 6 Kalimas.


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In this topic we are going to inform you the importance or significance of 6 Kalimas (The Power Of Kalima). In Islam as well as its benefits or advantages. None can measure the reward of 6 Kalimas. But we are sharing here the miracle of the powerful Kalima.

Hadrat Junaid Baghdadi (R.A) narrates the power of Kalma saying; once I intended to perform hajj. When I set off toward the Sacred House of God. My horse took me to a city Constantinople of Roman Empire instead of taking Holy House. I tried my best to turn my horse toward Mecca but each time it was effortless.

When I reached at Constantinople, I saw large group of people are talking to each other. I asked what is happening here. They replied, the daughter of the King has gone made and none of doctor is able to heal her. I said; I am here to cure for her. I was taken to the palace of king when I reached near the door, I heard a voice from inside.

Power Of Kalima Recite

How long will you stop your horse from coming towards me,when it was bringing you to me? As I reached inside the palace, I saw a handsome lady was tied into chains. She requested to me; please help me to remove my madness. I advised her to recite the first Kalma. And see the power of Kalima; she replied I don’t know how to recite Kalma.

Then I taught her, as she recited Power Of Kalima; the chains were instantly broke and fell off. The king was shocked to see the power of kalmia. And said how a successful healer you are! I answered; if you will recite these powerful words. you will get rid of the disease of infidelity. He accepted my invitation and submitted himself to Islam.

When the followers of the king observed the blessings and power of Kalma they also accepted the Religion Islam. (Book Nuzhatul Majaalis) The noticeable point is this, if a disbeliever is getting benefits by the recitation of the Kalimas. Then why should we not get advantages of Kalimas?

 Power Of Kalima Different Languages

Power Of Kalimas are available in the different languages, Kalima books, and PDF. No matter, whether we recite or listen it in Arabic, Urdu, English, roman, Hindi, audio, video or any other language. Mostly people download Kalma Book from the different Islamic websites or they listen Kalimas in audio or watch its videos.

Mostly people search how to pronounce Kalma or even some of them don’t know what Kalma is? To make easy its pronunciation, 6 Kalimas are available in our Spiritual Network

We have personally observed the great miracles of all Kalimas. Now we invite everyone to recite or read the 6 kalima. After regular prayer and then submit your pray to God, surely your prayers will be answered quickly. And you will be blessed with all that you need.

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