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Talisman No 102: We are going to discuss the problem of those who are in depression due to anxiety and stress, despite of all blessings. They submit many prayers to God and perform other worships for peace of heart and mind. But they are still in depression and feeling unrest all time even submission of pray and worship.

Indeed! Hearts feel rest in the remembrance of God (Scripture).

God said! Remember me for peace of heart then how it’s possible an individual submit pray to God again and again but still suffer depression and restlessness. This is our observation tension is the second name of anxiety but through spiritual point of view; evil rays of sinful deeds erase the rest of heart and mind.

A human being can’t enjoy the taste of food in the presence of diseases same like that a sinful person can never be satisfied despite of performing a lot of prayers and worships. Hadrat Ali (K.A.W).

Spirituality says; the people who possess the great spirituality, sometimes their hearts receive the message of upcoming future problems that’s why they feel anxiety, depression and unrest but they cannot get rid of it due to unawareness. The spiritualists of searched the best and perfect spiritual solution for the rest of heart and mind. So if you want the comfort of heart and brain then you can do it through this most powerful talisman. The spiritual Leaders of Pray for all prepared this talisman by the spirituality of great verses of Holy Book which has the power to remove the anxiety and depression. 

In the presence of this talisman the heart of the owner of this talisman become relax, peaceful, fresh and feels spiritual happiness all time. After this wonderful change the owner of this talisman will say thanks to God. The more feature of this talisman is that the upcoming future worries and tensions will convert into blessings by the will of God. If you need this talisman for the peace of heart and mind then the most important step is to attribute it to your name then you can get it from us. After attribution, the name of the owner of this talisman will also be announced in our Pray Program from 3 to 7 Friday.

Procedure to Get Talisman (Amulet)

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