God And Me

God And Me

This topic (God and Me) is related to those who are in love with God.  


God and Me-Love Relationship with God

This topic (God and Me) is related to those Persons who are in love with God. But they don’t know how to increase love relationship with God. Even they think that God is so Far from all of us, we can only feel His presence.

But can never connect with Him because they think there is a long distance between God and me. If you are one of them then you should know this reality that we can easily connect with God.

Last Prophet (PBUH) Said;

Devil is the leader of all those who are not the followers of a Perfect Mentor.

Each person should follow the guideline of a Perfect Spiritual Leader for easily winning the love of God. Now we come back to our actual topic, how to build the good and love relationship with God. If you want to know the answer then read the full description of this topic (God and Me).

We say welcome to Pray to all those. who are searching the fast way to get the pleasure of God as well as good relationship with Him. We are here not to advertise the Pray for All (Pray publishing) for the collection of Payment. But we are advertising our site Pray Pub (God and Me) only to earn the acceptance of God.

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We invite the followers of all religions in our Online Dua Program (Pray Publishing). You all are here because your prayers are still pending in the court of God? Need the quick answer of your prayers? Finding the answer of How to build the personal link with God? We are here to guide you, Let us start discussion about building or increasing strong relationship with Lord.

 We can connect to the Creator of this universe easily; the true path which makes. The relation more powerful between God and humans is only and only pray. So call your Lord who is nearest and closer to all of us. But we are disconnected with Him due to lack of believe, evil deeds and His disobedience. So seek the Love and happiness of God through the instant way “Pray”.

Each one is seeking the strong and fast way to win the pleasure of God as well as the response of prayers. We would discuss the short introduction of what we do.Pray For All  is an Spiritual Website where we offer Spiritual Solutions free of cost. Pray For All (God and Me) is open for the followers of all religions, don’t be hesitate to post us.

your problems as well as Free Prayer Request through Pray Program Form. We are offering the spiritual services to all humanity only to win the acceptance of God. Our basic purpose is to connect the mankind with God through our Pray Pub (God and Me). We have launched a Pray Program to realize people that God is present.

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 we promise your relationship will be more strong with God and you will say there is no distance between God and me. How nearest God is to us! we can only feel when we believe that God is active and present all time. If you want to know what is Pray Program. Then we are going to provide you the definition and description of it.

Pray Program (God and Me) is an online spiritual network. where we Pray for all humanity and guide them how to submit pray to God for quick approval of prayers. We have learned from our Spiritual Leaders if we need the happiness of God then. we should pray for all mankind first with love and sincerity.

We followed their guideline and begin to submit lot of Prayer requests to God for others with full intention and love. This was a wonderful experience. when we submitted Pray to God for all humanity lot of blessings begin to descend upon us.while praying to God for all People. During this most amazing process.

 we also felt a great Spiritual Satisfaction and pleasure which can’t be described in words. Now, we say everyone Welcome to Pray Pub and feel the greatest Spiritual peace yourself.That’s why the Spiritual Experts of Pray all world managed a Dua Program. where followers of all religions can submit a pray to God through our Spiritual Network (Pray Pub). The basic aim of Dua Program is to teach people the significance of Pray. Because mostly people submit their Pray to God with lack of believe and that is the reason they get no instant approval of their Pray.

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 Then write your pray request in Pray Program Form and post it to us. After receiving your Pray Form a confirmation Email will be sent to you. Your name will be announced by Spiritual Experts of Pray for all (God and Me). Team members of Dua Program as well as millions of other people.

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Pray: O God! Listen our voice; we are sending you a Payer Request for all mankind sincerely. Please accept it and solve the problems of all the needy people. who are hopeful that their pray will must be answered Ameen.

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