Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia-Spiritual Healing

(Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia) This Talisman for those people who fear of darkness.


Today’s theme is fear of darkness, as we will tell you. How fear of darkness makes an individual suffer from psychological disorders. And we would also tell you the spiritual solution to overcome the night fear.

In 2014, a Bahrainian girl contacted to our Pray Spiritual network. who was very scared of darkness. Whenever she try to close her eyes or went to any dark place, She felt that there is someone else. When she closed her eyes for washing face. She felt as someone is stood up near her and will catch and kill her. She was used to take sleeping pills due to darkness phobia.

 Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia

She suddenly woke up at mid night due to nightmares and her entire body became wet with sweating. And she began to tremble. She is feeling Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia in her entire body.

Her health was going down day by day due to Nyctophobia (darkness phobia). She felt severe burden on shoulders. In result, her face color became black. Her Parents took her to best Psychologists, after 6 month treatment, result was zero.Due to Nyctophobia (darkness phobia),she felt more intensity in fear.

She changed her sleeping routine and prefer sleeping at daytime despite of night. But she could not get rid of dark fear. Now, she started searching wazaif or duas from different books and internet. Meanwhile, she watched the YouTube video “Dua in Khana Kaba” uploaded by our spiritual team.

Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia-Spiritual Healing (Talisman)

She joined the Pray 3 days, and then she submitted her name, mother’s name and problem to us. That was sent to our Spiritual Experts for Istikhara (meditation) and prayer. Within 24 hours,Pray.net.pk Spiritual Leaders found the spiritual solution according to her health problem and suggested (Fear of Darkness-Nyctophobia-Spiritual Healing) Talisman. And Ism e Azam for her.

They attributed the healing talisman to her name and mother’s name and then it was posted to her. She felt the amazing changes in herself by the blessing of 3 days. Prayer, ism e Azam recitation and healing talisman. After 11 days, girl said I am feeling 70% improvement in myself.  Our Spiritual Leaders say, no doubt, Healing belongs to Allah only.

When we ask Allah for healing via His beautiful and powerful names and He accept it. Then only one pinch of clay is enough for healing.How to get talisman ,than click the given below link. And contect with us.


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