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We have found this wazifa (Best Dua For Husband and Wife Love From Quran) Best for increasing love relationship between couples. If a couple is angry with each other or one of them is rude, bad-mannered, involve in love affairs. Or bad habits, irresponsible or careless etc.

Then perform this wazifa (Best Dua For Husband and Wife Love From Quran) which is a perfect spiritual solution for creating love between husband and wife.

Best wazifa For Husband Wife Love From Quran

Surah #20 Taha part of Verse #39

سورة طه

(وَأَلْقَيْتُ عَلَيْكَ مَحَبَّةً مِّنِّي وَلِتُصْنَعَ عَلَىٰ عَيْنِي)

Wa-alqaytu AAalayka mahabbatan minnee walitusnaAAa A’ala A’aynee

Purify yourself first now imagine your partner and perform. This Quranic Verse (Dua For Husband and Wife Love From Quran) 21 times. And blow upon your partner in your imagination. Recite this Quranic Wazifa (Best Dua For Husband and Wife Love From Quran) one time a day till 21 days.

By the blessing of God your life partner will be involved in your love as well as will give you respect. If you want to get more spiritual benefits from this powerful wazifa (Best Dua For Husband and Wife Love From Quran). Then keep yourself away from sinful deeds.

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