PRAY.NET.PK is a spiritual platform where we Pray for others and guide them how to pray to God for quick response of prayers. We have learned from our Spiritual Leaders if we need the pleasure of God then pray for all mankind with love and sincerity.

Pray has been established to serve humanity. Need to know who we are and what we do? Our basic mission is to Promote Pray Program so that the people from all sects may submit their names for Pray. Why submit Pray in Pray Program? We are here to answer you. The Spiritual Experts of says; God is all time active and ready to answer Prayers. But why we do not receive the instant reply of our Pray? Because we send Him pray request with lack of concentration and believe. That’s why our Pray Team considered creating a pray group which name should be Pray Program. The members of Pray Program are selected; sinless, regular worshiper, depend upon God, love to help mankind, all time engage in remembrance of God. In simple words, we can say; they perform their duties well. God accepted their obedience, faith and sincerity. Now, they have been included in the list of those who get the speedy answer of each lawful Pray. So, would you like to submit your Pray Request to our Pray Team? One moment; do not hesitate to post your Pray request if you belong to any religion because we have a strong relation to each other which is “Humanity”.

Black Magic

Our Pray network has launched many spiritual projects. We would discuss the most important topic Black Magic. We invite everyone to get Protection Talisman Free and be safe forever.


Need to resolve your spiritual Health Issues? Get Healing Talisman Free through Oath and be protect from Spiritual health disorders.

Ism e Azam

You can also get Free Ism e Azam (God’s name) of your name from our Pray network (Pray All World).