World Cancer Day is coming soon on 4th February 2020 and the spiritual team of is taking action to promote the event. Our mission is to spread awareness of cancer worldwide. Let’s do something for WCD by choosing hope.

Why We Promote World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day event is playing a vital role to increase the hope of cancer patients which is the greatest goodness, Syed Karar Haider – Spiritual Leader of says. Do you want to know why is interested to promote the world cancer awareness day 2020? Continue reading to learn more.

Pray Program For Cancer Patients

Here is the answer, and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) both are doing work for human welfare. Such as, is working day and night to promote the “Pray Program” which is managed by our Spiritual Leaders. Under this pray program, everyone can submit prayer requests for cancer patients. And their prayer requests are forwarded to our prayer team as well as above 40 million members of also pray for them.

Prayer For Cancer Patients

Like the previous years, this Year will take action on 4th February 2020 to promote the world cancer day. Such as, all team members of will recite Healing verses, Healing Prayers and also will perform the special healing meditations for cancer patients. We believe, by the blessing of these precious prayers, many of Cancer Patients will be cured of this deadliest disease by the will of God.  Let we share you amazing Quotes about pray.

You will never feel the need of asking for anything to God if you sincerely pray for others. (Imam Ali A.S. )

No Pray is approved quickly more than that Pray which you submit for any human being in his or her absence. (Prophet Mohammad PBUH)

Submit Prayer Request For Cancer Patients

So, if you also want to join our Pray Program for Cancer Patients then click here on Pray For Cancer Patients and submit a Pray request for them.

One Word From

The spiritual leaders of are thankful for UICC and other worldwide people who are doing efforts to save the life of cancer patients.  God may bestow the right sources to UICC and all cancer supporters through which they could easily boost the hope for cancer patients and to spread awareness of the disease Ameen.