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“O Zakaria! We give you glad tidings of a son whose name is Yahya. (Upon him be peace).We have not created anyone of this name before him.”(Surah Maryam, verse number 7)

The continuity of a person’s life is his/her offspring and to fulfil this aim, more importance is given to a baby boy because a son takes the family forward (by taking on the family name). But many individuals are bereft of the blessing of a baby boy.

Often, the members of very rich households desire to have a son but to attain this blessing, all their treatments or efforts prove futile. Remember: there is no legitimate desire in this world which if asked for in the proper way, won’t be fulfilled. Even the blessed prophets desired to have sons, like Prophet Zakriya (upon him be peace).

Wishes For Baby Boy Born

He (upon him be peace) submitted a lot of wishes for a baby boy born in the court of Allah. He wanted the acceptance of the supplication for a son. While he (upon him be peace) reached old age and his wife was barren. Therefore, he wanted a son from the court of Allah, who should be his heir.

Boy Baby Born Wishes  

To fulfil his baby boy born wishes, he called out to Allah using a sacred Great name using which the person making a supplication never returns with failure.

Newborn Baby Boy

Due to this Great name, the Being of Allah granted him the glad tidings of newborn baby boy Hazrat Yahya (upon him be peace) who became his heir.

Year after year our pious elders have called out to Allah using this sacred Great name due to which the Being of Allah made the incredible boon of this Great name flow. To make the blessing of sacred Great name reach mankind, our spiritual experts arranged the spirituality of this Great name inside this talisman (By The Will Of Allah A Son Will Be Born).

Whichever applicant wears this talisman (By The Will Of Allah A Son Will Be Born) to desire a son, the Being of Allah bestows him/her with the blessing of a son in such a way that the applicant himself/herself observes the miraculous boon of this talisman (By The Will Of Allah A Son Will Be Born) and is rendered full of amazement.

In Which Month Baby Boy Born

Many couples want to know that in which month baby boy born after getting this talisman. So, the answer is that no one can tell you the exact time of a baby boy born. But, we can share with you our observation that Allah had bestowed many of the childless couples, cute and healthy baby boy within a year. So, belief is the main key to getting quick approval of the baby boy born.

How Many Weeks Boy Baby Will Born

If you want to know that how many weeks boy baby will born then answer is same. If you have the Talisman for the baby boy then don’t worry about the time. How many weeks or month boy baby will be born. God will bless you with a beautiful baby soon Insha Allah.

Baby Boy Birthday Cake

Our observations say you will cut the baby boy birthday cake soon.

For further details, contact us in person.

Procedure to Get Talisman (Amulet)

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