Dua To Make Your Boss Nice

Get Respect from boss through this most Powerful Talisman (Dua to make your boss nice) prepared by Spiritual Experts of Pray For All.


Dua to Make your Boss Nice

Pray For All is offering here best and easy Spiritual Solution for Job Holders who want to get respect and favors from their boss. We have often seen that mostly sincere employees perform their duties well to win the pleasure of their boss but everyone knows that jealous co-workers always make evil plans to destroy the career of beloved employees. Even group of jealous co-workers seduce other workers and new-comers against that good employee. They also create misunderstanding between boss and employee so that they may kick out that employee from office. The other most dangerous tool is black magic through which a jealous person can easily stop the ways of success. In result, good employees face difficulties in their office like rude behavior of boss, promotion issues, no salary increment, no bonus, no high ranking, no extra facilities, no respect from admin managers or they dislike the performance of that good employee. In these circumstances, sincere employees try their best to perform their duties better but they get no improvement in the behavior of their boss.

Now, if you are fed up of your strict boss and you want to get favor and respect from your boss then Spiritual Experts of Pray For All prepared this Talisman to make your boss nice by using the great spirituality of the powerful names of God. When the owner of this Talisman (Dua to Make your Boss Nice) wears it, rays of love emit from this talisman and enter into the heart and mind of boss as well as other people and force them to love and respect the owner. Specially, boss gives respectable status to the owner of this Talisman (Dua to Make your Boss Nice) as well as you will be catchy among others. Any jealous co-worker can never ever block your career success through black magic or evil planning. If you need this Talisman for being honorable personality in your Company then Fill the Order Form and submit it to our Pray team.

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There are 2 conditions to get this talisman.

(1). Free through oath (2). Payment


Oath: o God! I have prepared myself that i will adopt 2 new good deeds which will be beneficial for mankind and will remove 2 bad deeds from my life forever. I will also guide minimum 5 people to praise god and i am bound to fulfill this oath in one month. In case, if i could not fulfill this oath then i will pay its amount.

Note: You can get only one talisman through one oath. If you need more than one then you have to submit new oath for each. This talisman will never show its spiritual effects without oath.


If it’s impossible for you to perform this oath due to any personal reason then the second condition is to pay its amount which is fixed 1400. This talisman will show its perfect spiritual effects whether you get it free through oath or payment.


If you want to get this talisman free through oath then click on the free button below, if you want to pay 1400 then click price button, fill order form and submit us. After receiving your order form, we will contact you through Phone/Email and after attributing this talisman to your name, it will be posted to your required address within 24 to 48 hours in any city of Pakistan. After receiving this talisman, encarved it on silver plate or frame it and hang in your house. You can make a plastic coating and keep in your purse.


You have to pay its fixed amount through western union and then submit us your order form. This talisman will be sent to you through email, after receiving your talisman, download it and take a print.

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