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Depression is a very serious illness in which patient feels discomfort all time. People with depression do many things to get rid of depression. But, only fewer people get permanent relief through medications and proper depression treatment. And many of the depression patients can’t get health and wellness. So, we are introducing here a really powerful and most satisfying meditation for depression. We call this meditation anxiety-free and depression-free meditation. Our spiritual Experts usually suggest this meditation to the spirituality learners to keep their mind fresh and active. Now, we recommend this ancient, most powerful and strong mediation for those people who want to get rid of depression quickly. We advise everyone, do it daily and see the miracle of this anti-depression meditation.

How to do Meditation in Home?

Step by Step Meditation

Before you perform this meditation, make sure there should be no noise around you. Silent and isolated atmosphere is the first and most important step to perform this meditation.

Take a fresh bath.

Sit on prayer-mat / worship place

Recite the words of praise to God / Darood e Pak

Keep your head little down toward your heart.

Now, Close your eyes and imagine that the Name of God is written on your heart with white and blue light. Don’t read anything else while performing this mediation. You just need to imagine the God’s name with closed eyes silently. After few seconds, you will feel your inner-eye is opening slowly slowly. And this time your heart beat will be little bit increase which is a sign of successful mediation.  Now, you will see the name of God is written in your heart with blue and white rays.

And now it’s time to observe the real power of this mediation. Because your heart will begin to invoke the name “O God, O God, O God. As soon as, the meditation performer will observe the name O God amazing spiritual satisfaction will descend on him/her. The power of God name will kick your depression, anxiety, tension and worries out from your brain. You will feel a real spiritual relief, satisfaction, energy, will power and more by the blessing of this anti-depression meditation Insha Allah.

Key Tips For Success in Meditation

If you are going to perform this mediation than remember ‘perform it with firm believe and love”. You will receive the abundant blessings and spiritual beneficence if you follow the key tips Insha Allah. But, those who do mediation with lack of believe get less spiritual benefits.

Note: No religious restrictions have been set for this meditation. Any of the depression patient can do it.

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